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Why chatbots?

Creating a seamless omnichannel experience is becoming extremely important for hotel and travel industry, as more and more users see digital channels as faster, more flexible and responsive to their needs. Digitization of hotel services (digital transformation) is continuing as customers demand convenience, ease of use and instant gratification. The rapid growth of messaging combined with reported 'app fatigue' (less and less apps being downloaded and kept on smartphones) is creating a perfect climate for the rise of a new interface - conversation.

Chatbots Respond to the Needs of Digitally-Savvy Customers

To continually attract, retain and build a more loyal customer base and drive more incremental revenue, hotels need to meet their customer where they already are - in messaging apps.


Of people prefer to message rather than call or email.


Over the next 2 years almost 75% of people expect to use messaging apps more for communicating with businesses.


of people say they are more likely to purchase with a business they can contact via a chat app.


AI-powered chatbots open up a wide array of opportunities for your hotel to build differentiation and provide personalized and timely service to customers. Simplify the overall lodging experience for your customers with chatbots by providing them with:


Customers can quickly and seamlessly gain access to most of the hotel services, like repairs, cleaning, room service etc.


Customer will receive highly personalized offers based on their profile data or impo- rtant life events.


With access to customer information (such as duration of stay) and your hotel’s service base, bots will deliver instant, contextual support for quick problem resolution.


Customers conveniently get travel planning tips, important updates, and more.

Usage scenarios

These bots can become complete digital travel consierges and take care of entire itinerary and FAQs, as well as give feedback to hotels for what bothers customers the most.

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Eating out

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Transform your Customer experience and service delivery

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